YSL Wealth Management

We here at YSL Wealth Management are aiming to Malaysia’s World Class Agency in Financial Industry. Our purpose is to provide security and stability when it’s most needed. We believe in providing customer satisfaction and operational excellence anytime and anywhere. Whenever you need proper assistance or guidance, you’re looking for someone who you can trust to be reliable and competent. Look no further than our team, years of experience combined with some of the greatest specialists in the field. YSL will most definitely relieve you of all of your financial worries.

To be the Malaysia’s Leading Agency in Financial Industry

To ensure Financial Security for all Malaysians by accompanying them through every life stage and servicing with the highest quality of financial advisement

Our Core Value

Your Collaborate
We encourage openness, mutual trust and teamwork throughout the organisation

Social Responsibility
We tend to tell the truth and keep our promises, the people around us will believe us and see us as an honest person

Listen & Understanding
We must be caring, show respect, compassionate about the needs and expectations of our people, agents and customers

Professional wealth planning helps you protect your assets while preserving your family’s financial confidentiality. Working with our YSL partner can help you with good wealth succession planning. It can enhance control over your financial position, while allowing for an orderly succession of assets across jurisdictions.

Critical illness and TPD insurance plan pays out when a life threatening illness or TPD risk occurred. With our professional advice, a complete of major risk transfer plan will be a powerful backup to your loved one.

Getting a retirement saving plan allows you to plan your life ahead for you to enjoy your golden years. YSL partners can design an exclusive retirement plan according to your risk profile.

With our prenatal plan, we can provide comprehensive protection for the mother and her unborn baby during pregnancy while ensuring that the child will be covered even when he or she has grown up. Through the combination provided by our team, you can design your child protection with your preferred premium.

Medical insurance is the most important insurance to have among Malaysian. Everyone can get sick or have an accident & need urgent medical help to get well. With our innovative medical plan & accidents benefit, YSL provides you comprehensive coverage that best suits your needs.

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