Yayasan Kemanusiaan Da Sheng, established in October 2018 by three local entrepreneurs, is a charitable organization aiming to promote humanity values “Respect, Value, Care, Love, Advance, Science, Excellence and Health” to people, communities, organization and further to the society through our four charitable arms of Humanities, Education, Welfare and Medicine for building a harmonic family and interdependent society.

Our objectives are

1. to undertake charitable acts for the benefit/betterment of humanities irrespective race, ethnic origin, or religious beliefs including but not limited the alleviation of poverty, to provide financial assistance
to needy persons, orphans, and other less fortunate or underprivileged persons;
to needy persons to meet medical expenses, to fund and support and provide conveniences to dialysis patients and centres;
for the establishment and/or renovation, repair and/or maintenance of orphanages, old folks’ homes, and/or
for other disabled or less-able persons to facilitate job creation and for the purpose of these objects to undertake limited commercial activities if deemed fit;
2. to provide financial assistance, financial support including scholarships to needy children and families irrespective of race, ethnic origin, or religious beliefs to attend kindergarten, pre-school, school and/or tertiary and/or vocational education and/or to provide financial assistance to one or more kindergartens, schools, vocational and academic institutions and/or
3. to establish kindergartens, vocational and academic institutions and to provide skills training;
4. to provide financial assistance for the building, renovation, and/or repair and/or maintenance of houses of worship and/or community buildings or services including but not limited to provide funds to any persons and/or organizations for moral upliftment and/or for other character development purposes.

In addition, YKDS has obtained the tax exemption certificate for donations approved and issued by the Inland Revenue Board and will make good use of donations from all parties to implement various goals.

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