WS Auto Tint & Spa Accessories is an automobile tending specialist with experienced and energetic in grooming and care for all types of vehicles. From exterior car wash, polishing and waxing we have gone one step further into in car care and maintenance hat made us as one of the acclaimed expert in the car care industry. The company established since, with specialty experience in car tending business we have strengths in providing diversified range of services.

We are constantly improving and upgrading our technology in order to provide better services to the customers. We are committed and strive our very best to meet with increasingly demand of quality services. Our motto *Customer Satisfactions is our ultimate goal*. With our skill we can take care of customer needs to ultimate conveniences by providing wide range of tending services from the exterior to interior. More than often, customers leave the car to us and we deliver the car back with a great smile, we manage to provide variety of comprehensive services to customer from places. Our highly skilled and earnest commitment gain great trust from our customer.