Weimar Process Sdn Bhd


At WEIMAR, we believe in creating a sustainable production cycle as a means to combat climate change to seek for healthier and hygiene environment. Over the years, we’ve established a business model that allows us to supports upstream, midstream, and downstream cycles:



During its infancy, WEIMAR started off as a grease trap supplier in 1998. We supplied our products to shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and other commercial buildings related to F&B outlets during the construction stage of these establishments. Part of our after sales service included collecting food waste including oil, grease and fat.


Our concern for the impact of food waste on the environment led us to explore converting these waste that would otherwise end up in landfills into compost. In 2008, we began recycling food waste and used cooking oil into compost and biodiesel, giving them a second life.
To encourage our customers to make use of their food waste as well as to help them cut down on transportation costs, we also introduced the On-Site Organic Waste Composting machine where food waste can be composted at the same location.


Our success with compost allowed us to start supplying them to local vegetable and fruit farms in 2011. In support of home farming as a means to cut down on transportation related greenhouse gas emissions, we have also begun supplying our compost for home farming solutions as of 2017.
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