Water I Love You Sdn Bhd


WATER I LOVE YOU SDN. BHD. founded in year 2019 and located in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, a company that focus on improving healthcare businesses and making sure that those in need will have a better recovery environment. A company that produces ultrasonic alkaline ionized water where the natural water is originated from Borneo Island.

The Borneo Highland is an unpolluted nature. The mountain spring water that flows down from the Borneo Highland is one of the cleanest water sources in Malaysia.
Our production process uses a combination of technologies from Japan, United States and China to create similar effect from Shimantogawa (Japan), Lourdes (France), Hanza (Northern Pakistan) and Caucasus Mountain (Russia).
is certified by NRA Alkaline Water, Ministry of Health Malaysia and Halal Malaysia in providing a safe and health-needs-filtered drinking water to the world today.