Thought Rich Sdn Bhd



Our company are the market leader in Malaysia when it comes to supplying coffee powder and health supplement. We supply different types of coffee such as functional coffee, traditional coffee, slimming coffee and others. The company business continues to expand as we provide the finest quality of product at a very reasonable price.


Caffeine in coffee accelerates the metabolism of the skin. It is used to dilute the dark circles caused by blood circulation, anti-oxidation to maintain the skin's power, delay aging and so on. Coffee also can relieve minor constipation. The content of soluble dietary fiber in coffee is very high and has the effect of accelerating gastrointestinal motility, so for women with mild constipation, coffee can be properly used to relieve constipation.


The body will gradually age as you get older. In order to delay your body's aging, many people like to eat some tonics and keep their faces. As long as we carefully observe, we can find that many people look very young, especially some movie stars always maintain a youthful image, both their skin and body are perfect, because they are using some supplements.