Tairwang Meat Product Specialities Sdn Bhd

The main vision of Yean Yean Group is to maintain and build up a close relationship with consumers with a sincere attitude and service. Yean Yean was established in 1984, it was delivered the fresh product by motorcycle in the early stage and turn the business into retail and wholesale and even today’s distribution chain for providing the freshness, healthy and safety food products to the wide consumer.

In order to supply the premium quality products, we adopt low-temperature processing and sanitized environment management under operating system and thus stimulate the development of company that owns perfect cold-chain process and systems. From the process of slaughter to product planning and processing, we are rigorously supervising and managing the entire operation to ensure premium quality products and meet the expectation and needs of consumers.

Therefore, the company also adopt the first-in-first-out warehouse method for having an extended shelf life and controlling the price fluctuations which allow consumers to enjoy reasonably priced products while also enjoying peace of mind.

“Customers is our first place” is a core of our company which is accordingly caring their happiness, health and nutrition. In the next few years, building up and maintaining the consumer partnerships through the network channel while be able to consolidate one of the corporation leaders in the same market place. We will do a step by step to make our business to become a good reputation among customers.

Premium Quality Products
Reliable Customer Service
Consistency in Product Supply
Long Term Relationship with Customers
Become largest importer & exporter of frozen pork product
Implement the chain effect and scale advantage of SME in same market

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