SS HEAVY LIFT was established in 2017 and has grown to be the local companies actively involved in the lifting business, having gain vast experience in various areas of the Oil and Gas Industry, Power Plant, Cement Industry, Construction, Marine Industry and others.

Our growth plan is to constantly strive toward excellent performance on our services, fulfill the demand of various industries by setting higher operation benchmark and stringent quality control measures to maintain high level of professionalism and adopting a dynamic, progressive and innovative approach towards our business.
SS HEAVY LIFT acknowledges the constant expectation by clientele to deliver quality services and is fully committed to achieve high standards in safety and environmental practices by creating awareness among its employees on the collective responsibility to prevent injury and occupational illness.
The founder has 14 years experience in crane supply in the oil and gas industry. We have mechanics and wireman on standby to solve unknow problems on the machine. The founders pay attention to details and requirements, so customers will be our best partners.
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