TDS Technology

The SnapGO Technologies is Malaysia’s 1st  Thermal Decontamination System (TDS) for precooked meals/ menu without the needs of the cold chain, preservative or the use of chemicals. The decontaminated foods in the pouch will stay fresh at room temperature for minimum 1 year. Meantime preserved the quality of the food, freshness, and taste 100%.

Based on research, the retort process foods will drop 30% and above in the taste and texture but the TDS process foods will preserve the taste and texture of food 100%.  

SnapGO Thermal Decontamination System is a Japan technology that has been improved and manufactured in Malaysia. The TDS is way better /stable in terms of shelf life, taste, and preservation of nutrition in the foods compare to retort process.

We provide the necessary equipment, important know how and training that helps our customers optimize the sterilization process for their products, dishes, sauces, condiments, and marinades to make sure that it is safe for consumption at the same time not overcooked or over-processed.

This is because overcooking or over sterilization distort the taste of food and affect the appearance of the product which may turn it a substandard food.

The SnapGO equipment ensures you could produce high quality sterilized food that resembles its freshness equivalents in terms of color, taste, texture, and nutritional contents.

SnapGO Thermal Decontamination System helps customers to safely store the food choice especially when larger batches are produced for economies of scale and reduce the dependencies on the trained workforce, helping them save valuable time and money.

Adverse issues faced by restaurants and caterers can be eliminated by using SnapGO TDS machines. Mission of SnapGO Technologies is to support SME food industry business, and support ECO friendly to drastically reduce food waste and excessive use of electricity.