Rich Ocean Products Sdn Bhd


The RICH OCEAN difference starts at the source of origin

Here, seafood thrives in its natural environment — feeding on a wild diet of smaller fish, algae and plankton. Because seafood that's wild-caught is able to swim freely its entire life, it grows stronger and firmer with time. So there's a lot less fat than farm-raised cousins.

We also source seafood only from those fisheries that follow the most stringent food safety requirements and best practice standards, ensuring long-term sustainability. And it's always caught at the height of the season, when it's most flavorful. Taste wild-caught and you'll know the difference immediately—cold, clean, pure, just like the ocean it came from.

Making the Cut

Only the best fish, Squid and Prawn make the cut. So you can be sure you're getting 100% premium Wild Caught seafood every time.

Plus, our fish is hand-filleted; our Sea Prawn, hand-peeled and deveined; and our Squid, hand-graded. Why go to such extremes? Simple. To preserve premium quality and consistent serving size — making every meal as good as the last.