Radit Total Logistics Sdn Bhd


RADIT TOTAL LOGISTICS SDN. BHD or formerly known as RADIT JUMBO LOGISTICS established since 2012 is a logistics company
that provides various types of services related to domestic logistics. Thus the establishment of the name Radit Total Logistics Sdn. Bhd
were located in Klang, Selangor (Headquarter) and Kapar, Selangor (Yard).

Among the total logistics services, we offer and ventures and at this time are as follows: –

1. Waste Management System;
Offers in RORO bins of various sizes. In addition, increasing productivity in waste management can gradually increase recycling activities
among the public.

Among the services consists of:
1.1. Domestic Waste
a. Food waste
b. rubbish
c. bulk objects from residential areas, businesses, schools and public areas.

1.2. Disposal of bulk goods
a. vehicle frame
b. electrical goods
c. furniture
d. bad tires and etc.

1.3. Commercial Waste

1.4. Waste from excavation and demolition of buildings

1.5. Animal and agricultural waste
a. livestock feces
b. Paddy husk
c. wood husk

1.6. Garden waste

2. Transportation Services Solutions
Offers suitable inland transportation services. We have the equipment and capacity that customers need, according to customer demand delivery.
We drive the process from end to end while providing solutions to meet customer needs and requirements.

2.1 Among the Services consists of:

i) Contract Logistics
Covering customs clearance, haulage transportation, warehousing and warehouse in-plant services, as well as the trucking division

ii) Multi-Modal Transportation

  • Trailer (40 footer)
  • Curtain Sider
  • 10 Ton Lorry
  • 3 Ton Lorry
  • Roll On Roll Off

2. Cross-border trucking services

3. Manpower Service Solution;

Offers a spectrum of manpower services such as the supply of Temporary & Permanent status workers in all fields.
We are professional and very meticulous in providing and arranging manpower services to our customers based on
the demands and needs set by our customers. Mainly our recruitment in logistics sector, in on the provision of suitable
for Manufacturing, Warehousing and other service sectors.

We are actively involved in the supplying of Malaysian workers require by our well known customer by permanently placing them on
our own Pay Rolls rather than simply placing ‘temp’ into jobs. Employee / Staff benefits such as holiday pay, sick pay, provides a free
learning courses, staff hostel manage & accommodation and medical etc. In addition, we place great emphasis on the welfare and our employees. Beside to also on staff contributions such as kwsp, socso eis and etc.

3.1 Type of Manpower Services:

  • Production Worker
  • Warehouse Assistant
  • Forklift Driver
  • General Worker
  • Stuffer (Loading & Unloading Container)