Power Transformation Engineering Sdn Bhd

Power Transformation Engineering (PTE), is a total engineering solution company passionate commitment to bring today's engineering into tomorrow's technology, by deliver all valuable solutions beyond expectation.

Our role is to provide appropriate engineering solution base on client's requirement with the appropriate technology, and fully utilize client's investment into high productivity, high efficiency, and high profitability throughout every aspect of its business.

PTE , is a company managed and staffed by a group of competent, qualified and experience engineer, with our passionate to bring today engineering into tomorrow technology. Our core business is in construction of highly reliable M&E engineering services environment. Our expertise includes consulting and designing of  M&E services, project implementation, management and maintenance services.

With this One-Stop total solution services, we promise to deliver every project with expertise and excellence quality.

Our Core Business:-

1. Audit & Consultancy

Lead by competent engineer with a team of experienced engineers to undertake detailed research on existing facilities; through a series of intensive discussion to clearly understand the needs and requirements of client, in order to generate a detailed design and report accordingly.

2. M&E Infrastructure Solution

Through a series of intensive meeting, clearly understand client's requirements and proposed appropriate design / solution fit to specification.

3. Project Execution

Fully understand client's requirement and needs, turn the design into reality.

4. Project Management

Minimize client's risk by ensuring all project properly planned and executed. To ensure client's requirements are fully met.

5. Maintenance Services

To provide 24×7 maintenance services for the entire M&E infrastructure.

6. Professional Cleaning Services

To provide spaecial cleaning services for data center, server room, clean room and critical operation environment, which strictly follow Controlled Environment Standards by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standards:
  • ISO 14644-1 Part 1: Classification of air cleanliness
  • ISO 14644-2 Part 2: Specifications for testing and monitoring
  • Standard Professional Cleaning Services Coverage:

    • Under Raised Floor Plenum
    • Floor Surface Layer
    • External Rack / Equipment
    • Wall / Glass Partition
    • Overhead (Tray, Ducting, etc)
    • Internal Rack

 Tools and Equipment

  • Double HEPA filtered vacuums machine
  • 4-stages Hospital & Clean Room Dry vacuum to capture contaminants up to 0.3 microns
  • Heavy-duty Scrubber with up to 2.0HP motor power
  • Special anti-static cleaning chemical
  • Anti-static rinse-free cleaning cloth 

 Quality Control & Certification (Optional)

  • External 3rd party auditor for ISO Standard Certification upon professional cleaning service completed.

Our Mission

Utilize Client's Investment into high productivity, high efficiency and high profitability throughout every aspect of its business.