PG Lean Hwa Trading Sdn Bhd


PG Lean Hwa Trading Sdn Bhd is incorporated in year 2000 and begins its operation in year 2003 as a specialized duck processing plant located in Penang, Malaysia. Our principal activities are the processing, wholesaling and retailing of frozen duck and duck related products for the consumption of the domestic and international markets.

Specializing in duck processing

PG Lean Hwa Trading Sdn Bhd started the duck processing business in year 2003 and has now became an international recognized duck processing plant in Malaysia. The company always believe technology, product quality and safety as the key components to be remain competitive in the world business today.

Today, the company has developed into a leader in duck processing internationally and is getting international buyers. The company has invested in new complete full line duck processing machinery and know-how from France, Bayle SA. We are the first duck processing plant in South East Asia to have the auto double waxing system and auto duck evisceration machine installed on line.

Our company offers premium quality frozen whole cleaned duck, duck meat and duck products to consumers under the brand name “Itik Enak” and ''Royal Duck''. All ducks are cleaned, processes, packed and frozen from their freshness under strict hygienic conditions and close monitoring by government veterinarians to meet the international standard of poultry processing.

Processing Plant

Now our installed capacity are 2000 bird/hour, and our ducks are halal slaughtered and hygienically processed under the supervision of the official veterinarians to meet the international HACCP, GMP, and QAP standard. Our state of the art processing machines aligned with the new frozen facilities are essential to help maintain the freshness, quality, prolong shelf life of our ducks and ducks product.

Source of Live Ducks

Our ducks are source from (Department of Veterinary Services Malaysia) and Singapore AVA approved farms that abide to the strict standard and hygienic practice that requires constant monitoring for Avian influenza and other diseases.

Our Market

Having satisfied all international rules and regulations. Now, we are selling to Peninsular of Malaysia, Eastern Malaysia and have exported to Brunei, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and etc. Our export in expanding constantly in terms of quantity and markets.

Product / Service