Orient Fresh Deli Sdn Bhd


Welcome to Orient Fresh Deli Sdn Bhd

Orient Fresh Deli Sdn Bhd (*Non-Halal) was founded to provide our customers with a unique blend of Western and Straits Born (Peranakan) recipes which is exquisitely tasty and naturally fresh. All our products are low in sodium with no MSG added, making it a healthy choice for all our customers.

We Specialize in meat processing, mainly ham and sausages and have over 25 years experience in various international hotels and food processing industries. There are well over 123 varieties in Orient Fresh Deli Sdn Bhd, the form of fresh, cooked and smoked; skillfully mixed with imported spices and seasonings.

Quality Assurance

Orient Fresh Deli Sdn Bhd invests heavily in the cold chain process to ensure the meat freshness. Our refrigerated truck will transport our slaughtered pig to our factory in Taman Klang Utama. Here the pig is debone and portion into parts under low temperature and hygienic environment. Each portion of the meat will put on stack baskets to ensure all surface of the meat is able to contact with the cold air. The parts will then be transported to customer with the refrigerated truck and the excess part will remain stored in our cold room for further process.

We ensure our products are in the best quality, pricing and competitive with wet market, but more importantly is that you are buying Quality Premium Products. Our company policy is always emphasis in Excellent Quality, Fresh, Hygiene, Healthy & Excellent Services.

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