OEMS IntiPakar Corporation Sdn. Bhd (720421-x) was found in 2006. We are the only certified sales and training partner for Wolfram Research Inc. from USA, an advanced computation technologies provider, to market, to distribute, to deploy, to train and to support the represented products and technologies in the territory of Malaysia.

As the certified HRDF training provider, we deliver professional training, consultations of Wolfram technologies including Data Sciences, Machine Learning, STEM e-classroom Education, Optimization, and etc, for all Wolfram users in Malaysia. Our satisfied users ranged from hobby to serious researchers, including Academics and Commercial industries.

Our Vision

To engage and enable all major Academic Institutions and Private Research and Development (R&D) entities in Malaysia to Wolfram Research technologies in their learning and teaching, as well as in their process of technological research, development and deployment.

Our Mission

To provide Superior Solutions, Professional Services, Friendly Supports and Practical Training in Wolfram Research technologies, satisfying users in their technical needs as well as improving their productivity in learning, teaching, development and deployment with an accord-able investment, and to facilitate our employees with a meaningful career life and opportunities of personal advancement, and investors with a superior rate of return.