OAM Automotive (INTL) Sdn Bhd


The Aftermarket Automotive-Parts Service Provider

OAM Automotive (Intl) Sdn. Bhd., a member of the ASE Group of Companies, was formed in the year 2000 with the objective of taking Malaysian-made, aftermarket automotive-parts to the international market.  The main focus of OAM covers two sectors of automotive parts, namely rubber automotive-parts and automotive-suspension parts for all kinds of vehicles.

For the international market, OAM Automotive plays the role of sourcing partner for overseas clients, providing top-quality Malaysian-made automotive parts at competitive prices.  Our collective expertise and experience in the automotive industry as a member within ASE Group of Companies helps provide comprehensive solutions for international importers of automotive parts worldwide, with reliable and uncompromised quality products.  

OAM Automotive also provides the platform for local manufacturers to expand their sales channels both locally and internationally. Our strong network in the aftermarket automotive parts industry covers a wide spectrum of customers that extends beyond our shores.  We work closely with all our partners in developing quality products to meet clients’ expectations locally and abroad, ensuring the highest customer satisfaction.

Our service is extended to local wholesalers and distributors of aftermarket automotive parts. Widening the product offerings has been the business solution provided to local wholesalers and distributors to assist in their business expansion.

Today, our partners include all companies involved in the aftermarket automotive parts industry.  Over the years, OAM Automotive has successfully made a name in the industry in many countries. This was successfully built on our philosophy of value in Quality, Reliability and Service.