Nine Five Management Consultancy Services


''NIVE FIVE financial charting & analytics'' was founded in 2016. In the prevailing era when people began to gradually trying to obtain for passive income in the financial market, our founder, Mr. Ho, realized that most people do not have enough knowledge and concepts about financial management, investment, trading or financial market operation mode. In order to avoid people from making unnecessary mistakes in financial management and financial investment transactions, Mr. Ho sprouted establishment ''NIVE FIVE financial charting & analytics'' training exchange. Mr. Ho used his experience in helping hundreds of investors and large & small companies to achieve wealth growth in the financial market in the past 18 years and designed a series of international standard professional finance courses. ''NIVE FIVE financial charting & analytics'' create favorable conditions and opportunities for those who want to gain a foothold in the financial market. Currently ''NIVE FIVE financial charting & analytics'' team has a number of financial consultants who hold Capital Market Service License (CMSL),  Certified Financial Planner (CFP), and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA lvl1&2). Since ''NIVE FIVE financial charting & analytics'' established ''NIVE FIVE financial charting & analytics'' has helped more than 200 offline trainees achieve their goals and countless successful cases.

Company Concept & Mission

Since its establishment, ''NIVE FIVE financial charting & analytics'' has always insisted on innovation and focusing on designing various financial courses. ''NIVE FIVE financial charting & analytics make sure to provide the most professional courses for everyone. Founder relies on more than 18 years of experience in this field and leading a well-qualified team with innovative thinking and a common philosophy. ''NIVE FIVE financial charting & analytics'' targets to help everyone open a new successful chapter in their financial field.

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