Next Lo Products (M) Sdn Bhd


Next Lo Products (M) Sdn Bhd was established in 2003 as a beverage manufacturer to supply in-house brands with good quality and affordable price for a chain of Hypermarket, Supermarket and Wholesaler operators in Malaysia.

Due to the popular demands for its products, Next Lo has intensified its effort on R&D, upgrading its manufacturing plants and constructing a new factory to cater for the productions.

To ensure that our products could meet the international standard in terms of quality, food safety, and hygiene, our products are certified by HALAL, GMP, and HACCP.

What sets Next Lo apart is our products contain no artificial additives and flavorings, a comfort especially for our consumers who are health conscious and concern about the overall wellness of their children and elderly family members.

Next Lo has expanded its products to overseas with the latest success of entering the mass consumers market in China. By participating in international exhibitions, we intend to further export our products to Australia, Canada, and United States in 2018.

The company now offers two types of beverage products Angkasawan White Coffee and Mairaw Malted Chocolate. You may also find our Angkasawan Instant Oatmeal simply irresistible delicious and nutritious

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