Natherm Group Sdn Bhd


Natherm Group is a leading supplier of ingredients to major food, pharmaceutical, flavour and beverage manufacturers. From our Malaysia headquarters and facilities in other key markets, we serve our customers around the world.


Natherm’s mission is by using innovative thinking, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of natural health biotechnology integration services, develop advanced biotechnology, and create a healthy future. Meanwhile helping people maintain a healthy body and life, and promote our products over the world.


Natherm's vision is to bring our products to globalization through innovation and modern technology. With natural and pure resources, we adhere to the concept of “taking nature, using the world, and returning to society” to deliver pure natural, happy hope, healthy and beautiful life value, sustainable management, create employee value, expand customer business opportunities, and cherish nature. Resources, building a harmonious society of harmony and symbiosis with love and health.