Nasmech Technology Sdn Bhd


Nasmech Technology Sdn Bhd is an Environmental Technology and Engineering Solutions provider. We are the pioneer and leader of Waste Reduction/Reclaim treatment and Air Pollution Control System technology in various industries. Our original and unique features, equipped with Environmental Friendly design factors are the crucial elements that have made our equipment become outstanding.

The objective of Nasmech Technology Sdn Bhd is to continually commit in developing State-of-Art technology in providing our customers with the total solutions for any kind of waste treatment and air pollution control. We believe in proper waste and air management in conserving our Mother Nature.

Our product, Carbonator® is a complete customized system (custom design & made based on applications) which is capable of managing all levels of Industrial waste, Biomass waste, Medical waste and Domestic waste.

Being a Green Technology promoter, Carbonator® exercises the 4Rs (reduction, reuse, recycle and energy recovery) principle in its system. It avoids Incineration (direct burning) yet minimises the amount / volume of waste going into landfill.