MY3D World Sdn Bhd


MY3D World Sdn Bhd is a local company that manufacture our own MY3D brand 3D printer. Not only selling 3D printer and provide 3D printing services, we also provide custom-made 3D printer for our customers on their specific purpose. The printer we made are of the best finest quality with excellent after-sales support including maintenance and services by our expert Engineer and Technicians.  

Our Mission
Our mission is to enhance humans’ lives by developing groundbreaking high-performance 3D printer. Not only provide one-stop solution to our customers on printing needs, but also strive to add value to our clients’ business.   

Our Vision
MY3D World strive to become the benchmark in 3D printing industry, not only in Malaysia but all across the world. Beside our pride to say that our printers are “Made in Malaysia”, our success is based on the supreme quality of products printed by our 3D printer. We are constantly working hard to serve our customers and investors with the highest level of respect and trust.

Our Strength
We’re Fast  
As the largest 3D Printer Manufacturer in Malaysia, we have a 3D Printing Farm that contain around 80 printers, operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a manufacturer, we have well-prepare all the spare parts and equipment for repairing and servicing. We are committed to provide our customers the highest quality and competitive products in the shortest possible time. You can rely on us when you need us most.

We’re Affordable  
We strive to provide our customers 3D printing services at the most affordable price in the market. We’ve optimized our business process and design our 3D printers using ABS printed parts as to minimize our overheads, providing the cheapest local-made 3D printer. As a developer, we constantly upgrading and enhancing our products as to fulfil customers’ needs.

We’re Reliable  
Our team is formed by field experts and covers all aspects of our services, all of which are in-house and ready to provide our customers professional services. As a local company, we provide on-site servicing in all regions of Malaysia. Furthermore, we established our company from ground-up, which mean we are debt free and fully own all the equipment and machinery. This ensure us to have the most competitive price in the market.