MNE Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd is an Integrated Biomedical and Facility Maintenance Management Company focused on utility maximization through optimum utilization of resources. The significant and valuable solutions provided by MNE, enable the Clients to reduce operating expenses without compromising on quality. These solutions are a unique combination of services in the areas of Administration, Housekeeping, Engineering, Security, Waste Management, Landscaping, Renovation and Up-gradation of Infrastructure, Vendor management, Warranty management, etc. MNE is a group of innovative and talented professionals who provide high quality Biomedical and Facility Maintenance & Management services to support any operations. MNE is well equipped to quickly and accurately address the needs of clients across the industry. MNE strive to cooperate fully with its clients to provide a functional and efficient facility.

Biomedical Engineering is the application of engineering principles and techniques to the medical equipment field. It combines the design and problem solving skills of engineering with the medical and biological science to help improve patient healthcare and the quality of life of healthy individuals. The tasks of a biomedical engineer are typically the acquisition and management of medical device inventory, supervising, maintaining, ensuring the safety and regulatory issues are taken into consideration, and serving as a technological consultant for any issues in a hospital where medical devices are concerned.

Objectives of MNE

  • To provide Biomedical and Facility Maintenance Management service at the best industry standard.
  • To ensure safety and security while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment by designing and implementing a facility maintenance and management program that is strict in quality and yet reasonable in cost.
  • To provide the facilities to its clients with minimum failures/interruptions.
  • To provide asset management and increase its life span.
  • To provide necessary support and trainings to the Doctors / Nursing Staff / Operators with regard to equipment usage.