MM Cosmetic was started from a facial mask distributor since 2004. After two years, it has successfully transformed into a trader and began to import variety range of skin care products from other countries to supplies for valued customer such as Beauty salons, Spa hotels, Online retailer and so on. In 2011, MM Cosmetic has build up a small factory to tailor its own brand with One-stop OEM-ODM service for their customer.

MM Cosmetic insist to provide a high quality services to up and coming businesses, large established brands, physicians, estheticians and other skin care professionals; MM core service are specialize in manufacturing,  research & development, customized formulations, graphic design, packaging and so on.

Moreover, MM also actively participate in those program with University professors and students together carry out the most cutting-edge extraction R&D technology. It is good to improve and sharing our knowledge and those skills in order to provide a professional OEM-ODM services thought-out Asian countries.

In 2018, MM has spent 2 years invested around USD1.5 million to build a global automation laboratory and experimental production center with GMP and Halal green organic R & D, hoping to lead the maintenance industry to a higher level of business model and the brand concept makes MM's vast customer base more confident and competitive in the market.