Miracle Medicine Sdn Bhd


MIRACLE MEDICINE SDN BHD supplies Porcupine Dates and Porcupine Bezoar where all of them is identical save and except for their names. Porcupines Dates and Porcupine Bezoar is known to be medical efficacy on certain illness such as pre- and post-surgery, dengue, diabetes, cancers, inflammation and birth delivery.

MIRACLE MEDICINE SDN BHD was founded in Year 2013 with its HQ located in Selangor. Our founder has been in the trading and wholesaling Porcupine Dates and Porcupine Bezoar for more than a decade, which helps in gaining his expertise and experience in the industry.

Our products are naturally from Indonesia and have been tested by professionals. Porcupine Dates and Porcupine Bezoar are natural lithiasis from the porcupines and hence it might be difficult to verify its authenticity. We sincerely advise purchasers to request videography on extracting the Porcupine Dates and Porcupine Bezoar prior to their purchase in minimal amount instead of bulk purchasing before the authenticity of the products is verified.

In any case where purchasers are interested, kindly contact us to have specialist to have an understanding on the latest condition prior to arrangement of shipment or delivery. Relevant information and details will be provided to ensure the quality and authenticity of the products.