Mee Teck Beauty Sdn. Bhd.

Mee Teck International Organisation, with fifteen years of history, is dynamically evolving in line with advancements in research in this field, to promote professional development and market understanding, so as to create profitable and entrepreneurial opportunities to guide market development in cosmetology, deduce trademark cultures, and, business ideas, such that in face of market competition, that it can steadily benefit and improve to achieve a brilliant result.
     In line with market developments and the needs of consumers, Mee Teck senior cosmetic specialists, in technical co-operation with its counterparts in Europe, America and Japan, has collected the most advanced information on the cosmetic industry and has used pure, natural and unadulterated flora and high-tech biotechnological raw materials to continuously come up with products with high R&D content which are of high-quality and which are suitable for the Asian skin, such as: France facial- masks, Essential Aroma & Ginger Oil, Wax-based products, Enzyme-based skin protectors, to become both national and international famous trademarks, wholesale cosmetic suppliers and a cosmetology OEM co-operative.

     The company, both nationally and internationally, has an R&D department, a purchasing department, a cosmetology technology department, in provision of cosmetic raw materials purchasing and sales services, product packaging designing services, government health inspected GPM, OEM manufactured trademarks, trademark registration and other similar services. The reasonable prices offered by the company, together with a good reputation, has earned the company good public praise and has lent it a professional dimension.

     Share and grow with Mee Teck! Mee Teck will, through, sincerity and honesty in attracting guests, building a strong reputation for its expansion, providing a greater range of customer services, additionally promote its newly established beauty institute's preferential principle of “get free beauty apparatuses with products purchased” , providing professional guidance for cosmetic and beauty parlour businessmen, in order to achieve glorious results in the world of cosmetics!