MediShield First Aid Supplies Sdn Bhd


MediShield First Aid Supplies Sdn Bhd manufactures and sells quality first aid kits and related first aid products prudently designed for industries, business, motor vehicles and residential use. We also provide first aid training programme, fire fighting and safety product.

Equipped First Aid Kits

Equipped First Aid Kits are designed to treat the variety of workplace and home emergencies. The protection of your employees and your loved ones is always our primary concern. In the vulnerability of day to day lives, first aid kits are never a luxury. Make sure all the necessary emergency response resources are readily available when accident occurs!

Empty First Aid Kits

Empty First Aid Kits are specially developed for pharmacy retailers, local and overseas buyers who wish to enjoy flexibility in their product mix. Satisfy your customers' specific need or fill up contents to conform to your local requirements. Custom design kits and OEMs are our specialty, and prepare to pay less!

Promotional First Aid Kits

Promotional First Aid Kits make the perfect premium for any incentive programs and special events when you wish to say 'Thank you' to your valued customers or someone special. Make your business more visible in today's extremely competitive market place and create loyal customers. A promotional gift is a proven and cost effective way to boost your sales and profits!

Call us today and take full advantage of our competitive pricing and uncompromising product quality to maximize your profits!