Loh Seng Lee Sdn Bhd


Loh Seng Lee Sdn Bhd was founded in year 1992 in Penang, Its company name is derived from the owner’s name Mr. Loh Seng Lee. Humbly starting his business with small labour intensive manufacturing facilities producing decorative steel furniture. He begin his smelting with Cast Iron and gradually converting the cast iron smelting into ductile iron smelting producing better grade products. Branding its products with the brand name LSL.

In the later years, he began to develop more products expanding and diversifying into more markets. Below are the types of markets that have the presence of LSL products:-

a) Automotive Industry
b) Construction Equipment
c) Mechanical Equipment and Systems
d) Marine Equipment and Systems

Gradually expanding to manufacturing of Iron Covers suitable for the below industries.

a) Telecommunication Industry
b) Sewerage Industry
c) Water Rectification and Treatment Industry

Below are the types of Ductile Iron Covers being produced:-

a) Round Iron Cover
b) Square Iron Cover
c) Rectangular Iron Cover

Today, Loh Seng Lee Sdn Bhd has stand for more than 30 years, beginning and still remaining as a family business with unbroken commitment to excellent services to its business partners. It operates in Penang employing over 80 employees with an annual sales turnover of RM8 Million.

Our long history, experiences and track records place us among the leading choice of business partnerships in various industries. We believe in partnership with our customers to achieve long-term growth in an ever expanding and competitive market environment through creative marketing, commitment and focusing on continuity.

We have invested into our own land, buildings and warehouse. We own the current foundry premise, which comprises of manufacturing facilities covering 70% of a 3 acres land.

We are also able to cater to customer’s requirements including custom made designs, which we will endeavor to fulfill your products and delivery requirements. We believe in treating our customers as long term business partners ensuring a ‘win-win situation’ for both parties at all times.

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