We create a learning environment whereby our children are always excited, bubbly, and enthusiastic. Children are more alert and focused on fun swimming lessons which engage their enthusiasm and allow them to discover the self-achievement through the breakthrough experience over here.

Our exclusive BFF (BleuFish Focused Group) Learning Program, emphasis on the development of the character that our students carry with them off the swim platform and into every other area of their lives. We arranged the bite-sized lessons in ways that they would build upon each other and figured out how to make them fun for kids to do.

Never limit your children's abilities when they can swim as far as you can’t imagine! BleuFish also organize and let our BleuFish children experience the thrill of open water swimming! Both indoor or outdoor swimming activities, the character we embody not only helps us to succeed and thrive but sets us apart as outstanding individuals that others want to be around.


We are striving to become leading swimming school in Klang Valley with 10 swimming centers with more than 5,000 students by 2024.

Mission & Core Values

To achieve our vision, we use our mission and core values as our guidelines.


  • Help children break through any limit and build the quality of they desire.
  • Unleash the full potential of every child
  • Teach children constructive mental habits that create happiness
  • Teaching children basic life skills including life saving and first aid

Core Values

  • Teamwork, Love & Trust
  • Positivity, Energy & Happiness
  • Passion, Professionalism & Work Ethics
  • People Oriented & Attention to Details
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