We are a locally owned company manufacturing quality canvas for more than 15 years. We design and produce an extensive range of canvas products. We specialise in canvas supply, high temperature glassfibre fabric and as well as lorry steel frame.

We supply many different types of outdoor canvas products such as Shade Structures, Truck Covers, Awnings, Canopies, Marquees, Umbrellas, Tents, etc to various well-known brands in Malaysia – mostly to restaurants, cafes and fast-food outlets as well as numerous retail shops. We furnish to private owners for their buildings, bungalows and shop office. We also supply to many government agencies and transportation companies.

Our work is known for having high quality material and workmanship. We are also abreast in the latest development in the canvas industry in terms of material and design. More than half of our employees have been working with us for more than 12 years, acquiring exceptional skills in canvas products manufacturing and a strong dedication to our customers.

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