Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Furniture Industry Association (KLSFIA)


The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Furniture Entrepreneur Association was established in year 2002 with the initial objective to foster interaction and unity among furniture entrepreneur, sharing knowledge and promote the development of furniture business in responds to international competitions and challenges.

Since its establishment and through promotion of the association activities, we found that we need to set up a clear system and plan with a sustainable development program, to ensure all development plan can be execute systematically and not allowing personnel turnover to impede the work progress.
In line with government’s five years “Malaysia Plan”, our association will also have a five years strategic period to promote the 595 directions in phase, ensuring the 595 directions to be executed as planned, and to have vivid strategic result every five years, not just an empty talk or in a stagnant position.
Objectives & Missions:
  • To unite all the furniture related businesses in KL and Selangor area, and establish a constructive association for KL and Selangor furniture businesses with the purpose of enhancing mutual benefits for all producers.
  • To enhance the relationships of all KL and Selangor‘s furniture producers and to establish good reputation for the Malaysia‘s furniture industry.
  • To nurture and develop good relationship between the associations and government departments.
  • To promote Malaysia’s business in the competitive international environment, and hence stimulate the country’s economy.
  • To represent the furniture producers of KL and Selangor to liaise with the  government to explore more opportunities and potential development for Malaysia’s furniture industry,including, importing and exporting.
  • To organize and conduct exhibitions, conference, seminars, and foreign trade visit to upgrade the standard and quality of the furniture industry.