KS Flooring Solution Sdn Bhd


KS Flooring Solution Sdn Bhd provides quality flooring system solutions to customers with their flooring needs. We specialized in epoxy mortar screed system, epoxy flooring system, polyurethane flooring system, polish concrete floors, sports floors and decorative floors. The benefits of our industrial flooring system include high chemical resistance, impact resistance, hygienic and easy to clean.

With a team of highly trained, technically competent, committed and experienced personnel, we are able to provide an extensive and comprehensive range of solutions to the many diverse industries out there. Our job is achieved as a result of good preparation as we have invested in high-quality, industrial-grade surface and floor preparation equipment. We also use quality industry vacuum to make sure there is no contamination of the working environment.

Our flooring systems are compiled to HACCP & GMP requirements.

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