Kejuruteraan Tetap Maju Sdn Bhd


KEJURUTERAAN TETAP MAJU SDN BHD (KTM) is a Steel Manufacturer & Stainless Steel Fabricator in Malaysia.

KTM was established since year of 2002. It began with small premise and producing stainless steel grille gate, stainless steel windows, stainless steel door, stainless steel fencing and stainless steel handrail.

Over 10 years of hardworking and experience, KTM diversified into Furniture Concept. We started to produce Stainless Steel Furniture and decoration to the relevant Company. Stainless Steel Furniture is a unique product that hard to find in the Market.

Stainless Steel Furniture are all about technique, skills and experience because it is all about handcrafted product. KTM seeking for perfection production, a nice and neat Stainless Steel Furniture, however KTM was import One (1) unit of Laser Cutting Machine, One (1) unit of Bending Machine and One (1) unit of V-Cut Machine to fulfill the demand of perfection production for our clients.

In the year of 2016, KTM had expand their business in the fast growing market in Selangor Malaysia. KTM was devoted to Decoration in Interior Design Industries which will co-operate with Interior Designer Company ''ID FIRM'' and Servicing Industries since year of 2016. 

KTM provided service as V-Cut services ( V Cutting), Bending services, Laser Cutting services, welding and fabrication. Our primary target customer are in our same field of industries which is Stainless Steel, Metal Factory who producing the product of Kitchen Appliances nor Furniture Production and same go to Advertising Company.

Based on our experience in this industries, there are large amount of factory that they don’t have their own Machine. However plenty of factory still using manual way or plenty of them selected to scarify the project. Nowadays 21st of Century, everyone are seeking for perfect product, a perfect outcome, when we can’t follow the step, we will be abandon or eliminate by this industries or competitor.

By the way, our main business and profession are doing Interior Design, we welcome Interior Design Company to approach us for future Business and Co-Operation.

KTM had four (4) unit of Bending Machine, three (3) unit of V-Cut and two (2) unit of Laser Cutting Machine. We are not just provide a good service and good quality but we offering speed and fast to our clients.

Our Services

  • V Cut Service ( V Cutting)
    – V Cutting will make sure your folds are sharp-edged, no matter it is stainless steel, steel, metal, or aluminum.

  • Bending Service
    -Bending is a manufacturing process of U-Shape edge or V-Shape Edge if it aplly with V Cutting service.

  • Laser Cut Service ( Laser Cutting )
    -Laser cutting service provider will work closely with all clients in achieving the right designs they preferred for their metal products not matter how simple or complicated the design is.
    -Material to be Laser Steel, Metal, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Acrylic