KCT United Sdn Bhd


KCT United Sdn Bhd was founded as KCT Enterprise Sdn Bhd and first started operations in 1984. After establishment, KCT Enterprise Sdn Bhd diversified into bigger operations where it became known as KCT United Sdn Bhd. Since establishment, we have produced numerous quality products catered for customer needs and expectations.

Since 2001, KCT has the distinction of being appointed as the only licensed and authorised manufacturer for SPALDING sports backpacks. In 2008. KCT was also named as the sole licensed and authorised manufacturer for various DORAEMON bag products, such as school bags, backpacks, tuition bags and school trolley bags.
With KCT's extensive experience in manufacturing bags, the company also launched its own inhouse brand ''mYbags'' in 2008. As the name suggests, mYbags gives every customer the freedom to customise their own bag according to desired design. From crafting your own name to placing your photo on the bag, every mYbag is a quality expression of individual style!
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