Johor Hardware, Machinery & Building Material Merchants Association


A brief history of Johor Hardware, Machinery & Building Material Merchants Association
The association was established in September 24,1982,founded by a protem commitee leaded by Mr.Woo Yew Siong,The objectives of this association are to look after the plights of the traders in hardware,machinery & building material business and to promote goodwill and fellowship among our traders.
 We belive when we are united,We can render good service for  the community,We are proud to have more than 80 traders had joined our association on the early stage,today we have more than 200 members.Our first general meeting was held at No.71-A,Jln Harimau Tarun on November 13,1982.Mr.Woo Yew Siong  was elected as President.
On September 1983,the association purchase a three –storey shop lot as our building,it costs RM330,000.The building was officially opened in August 31,1984 by our Honorary president(patron) Tee up Pee.We thanked for his generous donation RM65,000 for the new building.
The association carries out many activities,such as seminars on trade issues,business trips and golf  tournament etc,In order to serve our member better,the association extended the term of committee member from one year a term to two years per term since 1987.
Ex-President Datuk Tan Liang Soong and his committee members led for two terms from 2005-2006 & 2007-2008. Our current Association President Mr Lim Chiang  taking over the responsibility from Datuk Tan since 2008 to this present day.