IES will be involved in the following business segments:

  1. Trading of machineries and power electronics spare parts (export and local sales)
  2. Turnkey M&E Engineering services to our South East Asia customers
  3. Portable Renewable energy products
  4. Domestic Solar Power System installation contractor
  5. Repair and overhaul services for hydraulic and electrical systems
Tapping into IES network of suppliers and connections will allow IES to provide select the right products that will be marketed to both business and Malaysia government.

Company Ownership

IES will be privately held company in the form of 100% owned by Choy Jian Tian.

Personnel & Organization Structure

IES will start with a growing team of over 5 employees across 3 key function areas:
  • Management Team – 1
  • Operations – 6 
  • Admin & Accounting – 1