Impact Digital Print Solutions

With 10 years of experience in hand, Impact Digital Print Solutions, a new found print – servicing firm based in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, povides a myriad of print – associated services such as overhauls, repairs, rentals and the purchasing of Fuji Xerox derivative products.

Whatever your requirements may be, be it big or small is irrefutably not a sweat to break as Impact Digital Print Solutions will conduct and assist you from start to finish in fulfilling your needs.

What Do We Provide

  • Photocopy Machine Outright Purchase
  • Photocopy Machine Rental
  • Wide range of Technical Services / Office Automation of Fuji Xerox MDF

Why US

  • Best Product Provider in the market
  • Professional and Experienced sales consultant team
  • Responsible and Skillful technical team
  • Fast respond time
Product / Service