Hong Dai Sdn Bhd


Our company was found in 2005. Every citizens in Malaysia welcome to our company. The following industries have praised our wipes after used and our wipes is one of the many tools for industries. We also bring in convenience and savings for various industries. It is customers agree and need the product. Our factories are offer different types of industrial wipe to fulfill the diverse needs of the industrial sector. These wipes are suitable for workshop, printing business, engineering, ship industry, rubber glove industry, and so on.

Our raw material is come from all around the world. And we will go through carefully to select the raw material to meet customer needs. From raw material to completed products, our company will be perfect to fullfill the diverse needs and to give each customer a reliable and convenient business partner of choice.

That is the purpose of the company. We own an advantage of strategic location between Selangor and Kuala Lumpur. Our warehouse is located at an easy access to the city center road, and other industrial and commercial satellite link. This advantage is more conducive to our transport in delivery, provide more quickly and perfect service.