Greenhill Marketing & Solution Sdn Bhd


Based in Malaysia, started on 2003 knows as Greenworld Rubber Industries. After that, the company changed their name to Greenhill Marketing & Solution Sdn Bhd. We focusing on providing the rubber flooring with good quality for various field i.e. playground, gym, paver, sport or underlay, ballistics and etc

How We Start

Starting from transforming recycled scrap into rubber crumbs, we ventured into molding tiles and eventually peaked into EPDM granules and coloured rubber mulch for various purposes. The thickness, density and material formulation for each tile category is carefully insected to achieve different aesthetcic, performance and safety purposes. It is very crucial that our tiles neet the Critical Fall Height performance requirement.

What Make Us Special

At Greenhill, we put your satisfaction first and we provide you with best quality product that will give you the result that you want. We make all our product eco-friendly, durability, sustainable and safe product and compliance to internation safety standard.

Product / Service