Golden Choice Marketing Sdn Bhd


We at Golden Choice are confident to say that we are your one-stop wholesale food and beverage specialist supplier in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, be it foodstuff or appliances, required to make a great many beverages and desserts, due to our wide range of products available. Here you would find anything from Monin syrup and Monin fruitmix puree, Dilmah Tea, Madin Commercial Blender, honey, coffee beans, Lavazza Coffee bean and powder, chocolate and boba pearl milk tea powder, flower tea, jellies, syrups, tapioca boba pearl bubble pearl Halal, dessert spreads and fruit puree supplier in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia; to blenders, cup sealer machine, espresso coffee machines and grinders, ice shavers, extractor and induction cooker. All that you would need, be it the appliances or ingredients, to make beverages and desserts can be found here.