Gold Mountain Global Sdn Bhd


From a humble beginning dealing solely in the manufacturing and distribution of birds’ nests, Gold Mountain Global Sdn Bhd (“GM”) has grown into a multi-diversified corporate entity that focuses on dietary supplements, plantation, and property. Having over 27 years of track records and driven by a group of professional management team, Gold Mountain Global Sdn Bhd has cemented a solid foundation which gives the Group a leading edge in the industry.

Gold Mountain Global Sdn Bhd is founded with one single aim, to create a synergy between its group of companies that will bring about a new paradigm of intelligence-based products and services for everyone in its aim to improve their lives.

In business since 1993, the founder of Gold Mountain Global Sdn Bhd, Dato' Sri Tai Shuang Taa, together with his research partners, has been studying the art of identifying the benefits of the birds’ nests and oasis dates across Southeast Asia. Together, they have also helped more than hundreds of customers, some with chronic illness to improve their overall wellbeing. Since then, Gold Mountain Global Sdn Bhd has been recognized as the expert purveyor of genuine birds’ nests and oasis dates, amassing many followers from all over the Asian region.

All Gold Mountain products are natural, tested by professionals, and are shipped directly from certified, climate-controlled warehouses, bringing the highest quality products at the best possible value. The Group has formed an alliance with certified health advisors, professors, and traders to provide 100% assurance on quality and genuine products.