Geopile Engineering Sdn Bhd


Geopile Engineering Sdn Bhd (GPE) was establised in 2020 is specializing in micro piling/underpinning and tunneling. The team members have over  15 years of experience in foundation works and related fields have ensured every success of projects, including micro piling work, earth retaining system, sub-structure, basement & tunneling works. We install micro piling/underpinning, tunnel stabilization, radial systematic anchoring, embankment stabilization, and avalanche protection foundations using Self Drilling Anchor (SDA) Technology.
GPE has been using self drilling (or hollow bar) anchors for micropiling work, in which the rock drilling tools are compliant with ISO 9001. Geopile Engineering is involved in mining, quarrying, well drilling, and construction; and has been using high quality tools including top hammer drilling tools (TH), down the hole drilling tools (DTH), SDA tools, diamond exploration drilling tools, and rotary drilling tools. The self drilling / hollow bar anchoring technology can be performed with the use of Commachio rotary or rotary-percussion top hammer systems. Besides Commachio, Geopile Engineering also owns Sandvik, Tamrock, Furukawa, Klemm, Soilmec, Tescar, Holy Drilling Machine etc for various micropiling projects.