Gemilang Sinar Auto Workshop Sdn Bhd

GEMILANG SINAR AUTO WORKSHOP SDN. BHD (624476-M) was established on 08 August 2003, under the company Act 1956 as its own business. 
We have in the manufacturing of trailer and auto collision repair industry for the past 15 years. Which is approved by PIAM and Ministry Of Transport (MOT) BENGKEL KEJURUTERAAN (KATEGORI ‘A’) for body builder on all kind of lorry and new construct of trailers in year 2016. We are specializing in light and heavy vehicle insurance claims handling all kinds of auto repairs, providing full range of workshop service under PIAM APPROVED REPAIRS SCHEME (PARS). The company has established a good quality auto repair jobs at the satisfactory of the customers.

In addition, our success is that we have a team of skilled workers in the repair and efficient management sector. Our expertise is for insurance car accident affairs as well as creating trailers and bounded lorry. With established rapports with local authorities and established networking zones, breakdowns associated to accidents can be handled quickly with a commitment your valued customers. In addition, our company has invested in a wide range of equipment, machine tools and complete facilities to cope with various repair works.

Our company is also located in the middle of the city between Kulim and Lunas which is a busy route every day, this also gives customers the opportunity find our company easily as well as many customers was satisfied while facilities are provided for the convenience of customers while fostering their confidence in the services we provide.

With the latest technology in the field of vehicle repairs, it can improve our company's ability to be more viable, creative, qualified and able to compete and be recognized throughout Malaysia and the world. Indirectly, it can be a boost to our company in achieving our company's objectives and mission of helping customers and repairing vehicles.